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Release of smoke through the door

Modern combustion chambers themselves can not smoke. Read precautions when loading, check whether access is sufficient cool air, permeability of the chimney, pipe smoke. Ask an expert on the length of the chimney or condition.

The main reason for smoking in the fireplaces of semi type is the length of the chimney, intersection, the quality of the materials of which is made, and its insulation.


Manufactured by fireplaces with water exchanger / water jacket /.

Fireplace or stove with a water heat exchanger is advisable to insulate the floor, if it is concrete, tiles or similar materials. Use commercially available holders for fireplaces.

Slight warming, smoldering and dying fire

Loading on a good bed of coals. If necessary kindling wood with small.

Use dry wood (20% humidity). Check the condition of your fireplace – permeability of the chimney and smoke pipe.

Great room moisture or poor insulation can also cause this problem.

Low heat with blazing fire

Check the draw of chimney. You can reduce the traction of the chimney with a flue damper. Preferably, the filling thick wood. Seal windows and insulate the room.

Quickly spotting the glass

Use dry wood and not close to the fire edge. Check the permeability of the chimney.

Note: Functioning of the outbreak depends largely on weather conditions - strong winds drawing is great. In fog and decrease in the pressure withdrawal is much less.

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