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It takes two mechanical cleaning of the year, one more time, and the other after the heating season. They are necessary, to monitor the status of the stove.

Check the various components of the fireplace and if necessary replace.

The use of the device in the presence of irregularities. They must be removed, before it is put back in action.
After passing the heating season, Remove any buildup of tar with a steel brush or spatula all available chasti.Savetvame you during this period to leave open to air inlets, to ventilate the fire and ventilate the chimney.

Regularly empty the ashtray, to avoid sooting, that can clog fuel grid and damage it. Do not throw casually hot embers. Only use metal utensils.

Cleaning the glass:

Cold glass is rubbed with a sponge or rag, soaked in a special cleaner. Follow the instructions and recommendations on the use of various detergents. Use rubber gloves.

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